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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

ULV Sprayer Fogger Machines

Product Code

ULV420 ULV Electric Sprayer Fogger Machine, 5 Liters - 220-240V 50/60Hz



General Description

U.L.V. (Ultra Low Volume) is an aerosol mist created with an extremely fine spray technique. It provides the most superior, permanent, effective, realistic and most economical struggle with the least active substance in destroying the pests. U.L.V. The particles formed by the technique of U.L.V. affect flying and walking insects instantly, destroys them rapidly and lasts for a long time. The purpose of (cold system) is to divide the medicated water (solution) into particles so that it stays in the air for a long time, extending the contact time with air and reaching a definite result in spraying.
U.L.V Devices What are their usage areas?
• Indoor and outdoor
• In agricultural fields, greenhouses, agricultural farms
• In animal farms (poultry, cattle, sheep farms)
• Residences, estates, hotels, homes, schools, workplaces and hospitals
• In mushrooming, moisturizing
• In textile products and factories
• In dumps and public areas
• In dried fruits and moth pesticides
• In hangars and warehouses
First of all, it is the spraying technique recommended by the World Health Organization (w.h.o). U.L.V An aerosol mist that creates an extremely fine spray technique. (9 - 49 microns). Due to its ability to stay in the air for a long time, it has the ability to reach the most remote corners in open and closed areas.
Its economic success is unpredictably high. Success with 80 liters of medicated water instead of 2000 liters of medicated water. Since the drug is more attached, it makes effective spraying. You can use any water-soluble (powder and liquid medicine). You do not need to get rid of the workmanship (spraying feature by placing the machine on a fixed place), as with other machines, you do not need to run it on your back or hand. No drug stains (reduction of canerocene)
For what purpose is it used?
• In disinfection works
• In pest control works
• In moisturizing works
• In odor removal
What are the usage areas?
• Indoor and outdoor
• Agricultural areas, Greenhouses, agricultural farms,
• In animal husbandry, chicken, cattle, sheep, animal farms,
• Residences: Sites, hotels, homes, schools, workplaces, hospitals,
• In mushrooms, textile products, factories,
• In garbage dumps, public areas.



1400w 220V AC, 50hz

Medicine Tank Capacity

5 Liters

Medicine Outlet Flow

27 l / h

Drug Outlet Flow

9-49 micron




45x15x50 cm

Weight (approx)

3.8 kg