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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Los Angeles Abrasion Machine with Soundproof Safety Cabinet

Product Code

AG1265 Los Angeles Abrasion Machine with Soundproof Safety Cabinet, 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
AG1265/110 Los Angeles Abrasion Machine with Soundproof Safety Cabinet, 110 V 60 Hz


TS EN 1097-2 | ASTM C 131

General Description

The Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine is supplied with a safety cabinet. The cabinet is lined internally with soundproofing material to reduce sound level conforming to CE directives. The control unit is supplied with on the safety cabinet. The cabinet is equipped with an electric safety device which automatically stops the rotation of the drum when the door is opened, conforming to CE directives.
The LA Abrasion Machine is used for determine resistance to degradation testing of coarse aggregates with a smaller than 37.5 mm. The test sample shall consist of clean aggregate which has been dried in an oven at 105 to 110°C tosub-stantially constant weight and shall conform to one of the gradings. The test sample and the abrasive charge shall be placed in the Los Angeles abrasion testing machine and the machine rotated at a speed of 31 to 33 rev/min.The machine shall be so driven and so counter-balanced as to maintain a substantially uniformperipheral speed. At the completion of the test, the material shall be discharged from the machine and a preliminaryseparation of the sample made on a sieve coarser than the l.70 mm IS Sieve.Consists of a hollow steel cylinder, with a wall thickness of 12 mm closed at both ends having an inside diameter of 711 mm, and an inside length of 508 mm. The drum rotates at 31 – 33 rpm. Supplied with an automatic digital counter that shows the number of revolutions for the drum. Abrasive charges should be ordered separately.
• 1.6 mm, 10mm, 11.2mm (or 12.5mm) and 14 mm sieves acc. to EN Standard should be ordered separately.
• 1.7 mm( No.12) sieve and other sieves which chance depending the grain size acc. to
ASTM and AASHTO standards, should be ordered separately.



1200x1150x1300 mm

Weight (approx)

450 kg


750 W