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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Shopping Cart Disinfection Unit

Product Code

SDS470 Shopping Cart Disinfection Unit, 220-240V 50/60Hz
SDS470/110 Shopping Cart Disinfection Unit, 110V 60Hz



General Description

As Testmak, our design team started to work to find solutions to some of our problems to combat the corona virus outbreak. Supermarkets are one of the points where the virus load is heavy but we have to go to meet our needs. The most intense transmission takes place through shopping cars. Disinfection of shopping cars is important in preventing infection.
• Non-contact disinfection with motion sensor.
• AISI 304 quality stainless steel body, chassis and installation.
• Excellent pulverization.
• 30 Liter Disinfectant tank.
• Minimum consumption, maximum efficiency.
• Modular design, easy installation.
• Certificate of conformity and test report according to CE 2006/42 / AT Machinery Safety Regulation.
• Inhalation of disinfection fluid and eye contact will damage your health.
• It is obligatory for the personnel in charge to use protective mask and goggles during the disinfection system.
• The disinfectant spraying out of the system during the disinfection process was prevented by the ventilation system. • However, in case of any malfunction, do not breathe disinfectant liquid spraying outside the system and protect your eyes.
• If disinfectant liquid comes in contact with the eyes, wash your eyes with plenty of water.
• If disinfectant fluid is inhaled, go to the nearest health institution.
• Do not pour flammable, flammable and flammable disinfectant fluids into the disinfection system tank and do not allow it to be used.
• Use the disinfection system under the control of the staff. Do not allow the system to be opened and the disinfection tank to be filled, except for authorized persons.
• It is mandatory for the personnel in charge to use appropriate gloves, masks and goggles when filling the disinfection liquid into the system tank.
• In case of a malfunction that may occur in the disinfection system, inform the authorized personnel.
• Do not allow anyone to intervene in the system, except for uneducated personnel.
• Keep the system under control in a safe area against malicious people.


Disinfection Tank Volume

30 Liters

Disinfection Method



120x50x170 cm

Weight (approx)

90 kg