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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Human Disinfection System with Thermal Thermometer

Product Code


Disinfection Cabinet for Humans with Thermal Thermometer, 220-240V 50/60Hz


Disinfection Cabinet for Humans with Thermal Thermometer, 110V 60Hz



General Description

It is designed to be used in disinfection with the introduction of new types of coronavirus (Covid-19) measures.The whole world is struggling with a virus that can hold on fabric-like surfaces. It is designed to contribute to the fi ght against coronavirus. Thanks to special software sensors, the cabin operates automatically. The most important point is that, with the help of nanotechnology, the nanomicron can be sprayed at the level of human shoulder and foot without harming human health. Thanks to nanotechnology, the cabin has the capacity to destroy this virus by penetrating into human clothing and under the feet. It can disinfect clothing and underfoot in 3 seconds.Hygienic mat is used at the bottom of the machine. This mat is also working in a way to prevent the virus from being carried under the foot by keeping it wet with disinfectant. Public areas are disinfected with devices and hands, but there is no system to prevent the virus from being carried with clothes and shoes. The machine we produce prevents the virus from being carried by people’s clothes and shoes. works with all kinds of liquid disinfectant drugs. The device we manufacture prevents 95% of the virus from being transported with clothes and shoes.




Weight (approx)

140 kg