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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Face Protection Mask Visors

Product Code

CVD005 Face Protection Mask Visor



General Description

The Face protection mask visors for the master and everyday use the screen is a reliable protection for your entire face. They are very light, as they are completely made of high-quality transparent plastic, and are easy to use. The curvature of the screen allows you to wear them even on your glasses, which is especially important for people with vision problems. Easy to clean and disinfect.
Safety glasses - the screen will easily protect you from flying dust, splashes, various small particles and other things that can get into your face during work.
Suitable for
• For hospital staff
• employees of beauty salons
• for dentists,
• service workers
• store personnel
• employees of state. institutions
• as a personal means of protection
• Complete set: Frame -1pc. + Shields replaceable -1 pcs.
• Material: PET + PVC
• Color of removable visors: Transparent
• Weight: 250 g
• Size: 14 * 19 * 22 cm.