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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Wide Wheel Abrasion Test Machine

Product Code

AG1500 Wide Wheel Abrasion Testing Machine, 220 V 50-60 Hz
AG1500/110 Wide Wheel Abrasion Testing Machine, 110 V 60 Hz


EN 932-5 | ISO 565, 3310-1, 3310-2 | ASTM E11, 323 | BS 410-1, 410-2

General Description

Wide Disc (Vertical) Abrasive Device is designed to determine the wear resistance of natural stone and concrete products used in interior or exterior fl oor coverings. 70 mm thickness abrasive disc, 75 rpm/min rotates quickly. The device has a digital counter that automatically stops the system when the preset number of turns is reached. (Narrow Disc Abrasives, grouting materials, unglazed ceramic tiles, etc. designed to determine the wear resistance of
When needed for the abrasion test of diff erent types of materials, the wide disk abrading device can be easily converted by the user to the narrow disk abrasive with the set of conversion equipment or to the wide disk abrading device with the narrow disk abrasive device conversion equipment set. The required set of conversion equipment must be ordered separately.)
The wear disc is maintained with fl exiglass material. The device with automatic rev counter stops automatically by turning the set number. The appliance is equipped with an abrasive powder hopper.
There is a unit in which the wear powders are used. The device has a slide table for the movement of the samples. The table can be moved by lever when desired. The device has a stainless steel engine housing. The device is supplied with calibration marble, Corundum 25 kg abrasive powder and a wide abrasive disc.
Optional ceramic and tile cutting tool:
It is suitable for cutting soft and medium hard wall and fl oor tiles up to 20 mm.
Chrome steel with crushing handle and guide rods
With steel cutter blades
Maximum working length 1000



620x670x1350 mm

Weight (approx)

130 kg


370 W