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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

UVC Disinfection Device for Shopping Cart Disinfection

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UVC Disinfection Device for Shopping Cart Disinfection, 90x100x150 cm, 220-240V 50-60Hz

UVC Disinfection Device for Shopping Cart Disinfection, 130x150x150 cm, 220-240V 50-60Hz

UVC Disinfection Device for Shopping Cart Disinfection, 130x200x150 cm, 220-240V 50-60Hz

UVC Disinfection Device for Shopping Cart Disinfection, 240x240x150 cm, 220-240V 50-60Hz



General Description

As Testmak, our design team started to work to find solutions to some of our problems to combat the corona virus outbreak. Supermarkets are one of the points where the virus load is heavy but we have to go to meet our needs. The most intense transmission takes place through shopping cars. Disinfection of shopping cars is important in preventing infection.
The product is designed for shop and market companies. The product can be produced in different sizes according to the customer request. The products are designed to disinfect 15, 20 and 40 shopping carts in different sizes. It can also be produced in special sizes according to customer request. There is one emergency stop button, one start button, one stop button and one timer digital display on the control panel of the product. The device is equipped with six quantity UVC lamps of 30W and 90 cm length. With its ergonomic design, it ensures that every area of ​​the shopping cart is exposed to UVC rays, killing viruses and bacteria. The conveyor belt moves at a speed of 10 cm per second. Thanks to the digital timer, the operating time of the system can be set up to a maximum of 60 minutes. For a quality disinfection process, 20 minutes of operation of the system is sufficient. The working time can be adjusted according to the customer’s own wishes. When the working time is over, the system automatically shuts down.
There is a door part of the device. These door are placed to replace the lamps after the 9000 hours working life of the lamps have expired. It should be noted that the door are closed before operating the product. Do not operate the device with the door open.
Maintenance and Warranty of the Disinfection Device
You do not need to perform any maintenance on the main unit. It is recommended to clean the UVC lamp periodically. For cleaning, it will be enough to remove the dust accumulated on the lamp with a soft cloth. The lifetime of the bulb is 9000 hours. It is recommended to calculate the date you need to replace the bulb by calculating your approximate usage time. The main body and mechanical parts are guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects. We wish you to use your device on healthy days.
• Inside body, AISI 304 quality stainless steel body.
• External body, painted steel body.
• 30W 92 cm UVC Light.
• Minimum consumption, maximum efficiency.
• Modular design, easy installation.
• Certificate of conformity and test report according to CE 2006/42 / AT Machinery Safety Regulation.
• Eye contact with of UVC lamp will damage your health.
• It is obligatory for the personnel in charge to use protective mask and goggles during the disinfection system.
• If disinfectant liquid comes in contact with the eyes, wash your eyes with plenty of water.
• If UVC lamp is contact and look, go to the nearest health institution.
• Use the disinfection system under the control of the staff.
. Do not allow the system to used except for authorized persons.
• Always use protective glasses, mask and gloves when placing shopping carts inside the cabin.
• After disinfection, open the door of the device and ventilate for a minimum of 10 minutes.
• In case of a malfunction that may occur in the disinfection system, inform the authorized personnel.
• Do not allow anyone to intervene in the system, except for uneducated personnel.
• Keep the system under control in a safe area against malicious people.


Product Model





Cart Capacity

5 pcs

15 pcs

20 pcs

40 pcs

Number of UVC Lamp

9 pcs

16 pcs

19 pcs

24 pcs


90x100x150 cm

130x150x150 cm

130x200x150 cm

240x240x150 cm

Weight (approx)

90 kg

140 kg

170 kg

240 kg