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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Speedy Moisture Test Device

Product Code

AG1400 Speedy Moisture Test Device


BS 812-109

General Description

The Speedy Moisture Device is field conditions dust, pulp mixture and the soil, sand, clay, aggregate and other granular materials quickly and accurately detect moisture content. Moisture within the sample, as a result of reaction with calcium carbide acetlyene gas occurs.The resulting pressure caused by gas, dial indicator is determined as the percent moisture content. Within a few minutes into the issue determines the moisture content of the sample. Precision Scale, measuring spoons and cups, calibration kit, 1 box of calcium carbide reagent, cleaning brush, wooden enclosure with a complete set as.
• 20 cup capacity
• Humidity Range: 0 - 20%
• Net Weight: 8 Kg


Dimensions (Case)

510x380x200 mm

Weight (approx)

9 kg