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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Slake Durability Test Apparatus

Product Code

AG1410 Slake Durability Apparatus, 220 V 50-60 Hz
AG1410/110 Slake Durability Apparatus, 110 V 60 Hz
AG1410/02 Pair of Mesh Drums


ASTM D4644

General Description

The Slake Durability Test Apparatus has been developed to assess the deterioration of rocks over a period of time when subjected to water immersion. The rock samples are dried and then submitted to wear stress inside a drum which is rotated into water. The test is performed different times and the wear is given by the loss in weight of the sample.
This Apparatus consists of a motorized drive unit which is mounted on a baseplate and which can rotate two or four drums at a speed of 20 r.p.m. The tank assemblies are filled with water to a level 20 mm below the drum axis. The test drums are manufactured from 2.00 mm mesh, 140 mm dia. x 100 mm long. A digital timer automatically stops the motor after the preset time. The equipment is supplied complete with two drums with tanks, and it can accept two additional drums.


Drum Mesh No

2 mm

Drum Dia

140 mm

Drum Height

100 mm


1200x160x400 mm

Weight (approx)

18 kg