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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Protective Coverall

Product Code

CVD135 Protective Coverall



General Description

The protective suit is made of dense polypropylene (80 g / m2). The material is dense, strong, can withstand washing without problems. Elastic bands are sewn into the sleeves, legs, hood and waist of the protective overalls to ensure a snug fit and comfortable wearing.
• Internal seams.
• Clasp - reliable Velcro.
The fabric is breathable (the body does not shrink), while it has water-repellent properties - water rolls off. Protective overalls are worn over clothing and serve as a barrier against dirt, dust, aerosols, and liquids.
It is intended for workers of medical institutions, workers of airports and railway stations, couriers, sellers, disinfectants of premises and other categories of people who are in conditions of potential danger of infection with viruses and infections.
Meets protective clothing standards.
• EN 340: 2003
• EN 530: 2010
• EN 863: 1996
• EN 1073-2: 2002, class 2
• EN 14126: 2003
• EN ISO 7854: 1997
• EN ISO 13935-1: 1999
• EN ISO 13935-2: 1999
• EN ISO 105-E04: 2009
• EN 14362-1: 2012