Mobil Type Concrete Laboratory

Mobil type concrete laboratory Mobil type concrete laboratory Mobil type concrete laboratory

Mobil Type Concrete Laboratory

C350 Mobile Type Concrete Laboratory
Standards: ASTM - EN - BS - AASHTO
C350 Mobile Type Concrete Laboratory
Standards: ASTM - EN - BS - AASHTO

Mobil Type Concrete Laboratory

Mobile Concrete Laboratories are shipped complete with concrete testing devices mounted in a container.
Both small and large sizes, mobile structure, workbench, furniture, generator, air conditioner, electronic and plumbing installation etc. It is offered by fixing the test devices to the mobile structure.
It is supplied with Electrical and Plumbing, Kitchen cabinet and Kitchen countertop. The devices will be delivered mounted in the container.

Mobile Concrete Laboratory Content;
• Automatic Compression Testing Machines
• Plastic Curing Tank
• Pan Type Concrete Mixer
• Air Entrainment Meter
• Vibrating Tables
• Concrete Rebound Hammer (Schmidt Hammer)
• Concrete Plastic Cube Moulds
• Concrete Cylinder Mould
• Slump Cone Test Set
• Concrete Flow Table
• Laboratory Drying Oven
• Electronic Balance
• Specific Gravity Test Set
• Concrete Sieve Series
• Sieve Shaker

EXTERIOR WALLS : 0.50 galvanized trapezoid sheet is laid over with industrial paint in desired colors are painted.
INTERIOR WALLS : 40mm thick hair on the inside of styrofoam is used for heat and sound insulation. Interior Panelling PVC de 22 cm thick on top of it is covered.
CEILING COATING : Interior Panelling PVC ceiling is covered with 22 cm. 80mm thick glass wool insulation can be laid at the ceiling. Fireproof glass wool has hot and cold-resistant properties. Heat is trapped.
BASE COATING : On the manufacture of steel frame 18mm thick MDF, screws and PVC vinyl is coated on. Volume of wet places pvc vinyl coated. Will be furnished an elegant look baseboard
ROOF COATING : Trapezoidal, galvanized sheet are coated with. Rain water containers out of the hidden rain gutter. Snow load containers 80kg / m, the wind load of 5 km / h was calculated. Invisible when viewed from the exterior roof.
DOOR : Exterior doors are steel doors. Interior doors are American panel doors are wood.
WINDOW : PVC all the windows, are fitted with double glass. 100X120cm windows and toilet window size is 40X40cm or grill.
ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING : Electrical wiring is hidden under the plaster. To the appropriate location of electrical outlets, telephone outlets, and lighting on the ceiling and doors are available as standard.
DOMESTIC EQUIPMENT & Games : According to a sink and toilet kitchen sink is placed in residential projects. And white pvc plumbing pipe can be laid as confidential.
PAINT : Industrial paint on galvanized stainless steel trapezoid is discarded. Maximum Load Capacity: 4000 kg

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Mobil Type Concrete Laboratory Mobil Type Concrete Laboratory The Mobile concrete laboratory is designed for use on remote sites, enabling the routine testing of concrete to be carried out efficiently. C350
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