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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Laboratory Oven (250 Liters Capacity)

Product Code

AG1300/N250 Laboratory Drying Oven 250 Liters Capacity, Natural Convection - 220 V 50/60 Hz
AG1300/N250-110 Laboratory Drying Oven 250 Liters Capacity, Natural Convection - 110 V 60 Hz
AG1300/F250 Laboratory Drying Oven 250 Liters Capacity, Forced Convection - 220 V 50/60 Hz
AG1300/F250-110 Laboratory Drying Oven 250 Liters Capacity, Forced Convection - 110 V 60 Hz


EN 932-5, 1097-5 | ASTM C127, C136, D558, D559, D560, D698, D1557, D1559 | BS 1377:1, 1924:11 | UNE 103300

General Description

The Testmak Laboratory Ovens have been designed for drying asphalt, soil, rock, concrete, aggregate or similar materials. The oven capacity is 250 liters. From ambient to 250°C temperature range with a precision of ±2 ºC. The interior is manufactured from stainless steel and the exterior is robustly constructed from sheet steel finished in powder coated paint. Laboratory Ovens are fitted with direct reading digital control unit and equipped with an analogue over temperature protection thermostat. 120 liters laboratory ovens are supplied complete with 2 shelves.
Natural Convection Model
Natural convection ovens rely on temperature differences within the oven to transfer heat to samples. They are used for drying applications requiring a gentle airflow in baking, conditioning, curing, pre-heating, and aging. Natural convection ovens are ideal for sterilization, drying, and thermal storage tasks that do not require high drying rates or special time parameters. Look for safety features that prevent overheating, excellent temperature uniformity, fast heat up and recovery times. Additional features that are nice to have are viewing windows, adjustable shelves, door alarms, lockable doors, stoving and curing options and moisture extraction options.
Forced Convection Model
Forced air convection ovens are built with a fan inside the wall of the oven which forces the hot air in the oven to circulate throughout it. The forced air circulation system provides both exceptional temperature uniformity and rapid heat recovery. They usually operate at temperatures in a range from ambient to a maximum of between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius. Forced-air laboratory ovens are often used in procedures involving cultures and samples when accurately controlled uniform heating is required. Choose from tabletop, undercounter or upright depending on lab space available. Look for convenient features such as adjustable air intake and exhaust vents, sliding window panel covers and adjustable shelves and safety features such as independent overtemperature protection and isolated heating elements.


Internal Dimensions

600x600x700 mm

External Dimensions

920x740x950 mm


3 pcs

Weight (approx)

75 kg