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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Hydrometer Method Test Kit

Product Code

S4300 Hydrometer Method Test Kit
S4300/01 Heated Glass Water Tank, 600x300x380 mm
S4300/02 Mechanical Mixer 10.000 rpm, 220 V 50/60 Hz 1000W
S4300/03 Soil Hydrometer, 151H
S4300/04 Soil Hydrometer, 152H
G005/1000 Graduated Glass Cylinders 1000 ml
G410/02 Glass Thermometer 110 °C
G015/250 Glass Beaker 250 ml


ASTM D422 | AASHTO T88 | UNE 103,102

General Description

The Testmak S4300 Hydrometer Method Test Kit is used to determine the quantitative such as silt and clay distribution of very fine particles in the ground. A heater and circulation motor allows a homogeneous of water temperature in water tank. Professional type mechanical mixer device is provided with set.
S4300 Hydrometer Test Set consists of the following equipment;
• Heated Glass Water Tank - 600x300x380 mm
• Mechanical mixer 10000 rpm
• Soil hydrometer / 151H / .995 to 1038 g / ml 0.001 Precision
• Graduated Glass Cylinders 1000 ml - 6 pcs
• Glass Thermometer 110 ° C
• Beaker 250 ml



400x900x350 mm

Weight (approx)

15 kg