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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Disinfection Device for Cargo Material

Product Code

DCT5000 Disinfection Device for Cargo Material, 220-240 V 50/60Hz



General Description

The product is designed for cargo companies. The product can be produced in different sizes according to the customer request. The device consists of a 5 meter long belt system and a 3 meter long product cabinet. In the front section, a distance of 1 meter is left to place the cargoes on the belt. It is designed by leaving the same distance at the back. There are four quantity on / off buttons on the control panel of the product. Two are equipped to operate and turn off the UVC lamps, and two are equipped to operate and turn off the conveyor belt. The device is equipped with six quantity UVC lamps of 30W and 90 cm length. With its ergonomic design, it ensures that every area of ​​the cargo is exposed to UVC rays, killing viruses and bacteria. The conveyor belt moves at a speed of 10 cm per second. Thus, the cargo is exposed to UVC rays for 30 seconds. According to the user request, there is a speed adjustment button on the control panel that can speed up or slow down this time.
There are three covers on the upper part of the device. These covers are placed to replace the lamps after the 9000 hours working life of the lamps have expired. It should be noted that the top covers are closed before operating the product. Do not operate the device with the cover open.
Maintenance and Warranty of the Disinfection Device
You do not need to perform any maintenance on the main unit. It is recommended to clean the UVC lamp periodically. For cleaning, it will be enough to remove the dust accumulated on the lamp with a soft cloth. The lifetime of the bulb is 9000 hours. It is recommended to calculate the date you need to replace the bulb by calculating your approximate usage time. The main body and mechanical parts are guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects. We wish you to use your device on healthy days.



5000x1500x1700 mm

Weight (approx)

480 kg


220-240V 50/60Hz