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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Disinfectan Dispenser

Product Code

DDP250 Metal Disinfectan Dispenser



General Description

Metal Disinfectan Dispenser provides the opportunity to use disinfectant without touching the hand thanks to its structure pressed from the arm or elbow. Thanks to its adjustable structure, it can be used in all pressurized disinfectants and soaps. The base dimensions are 9 cm x 12 cm. It is compatible with all round bottles with a base diameter of 9 cm and all rectangular and square bottles and pumps with a base size of less than 9 cm. The bottle height to be inserted is compatible from 15 cm to 26 cm bottle. It is suitable for outdoor use. Supplied with a disinfectant bottle.
• The arm length is 20 cm.
• It can be mounted on the wall.
• It can also be used on the table.
• It is made of stainless material.
• It is guaranteed for 5 years.
• Shipped with mounting materials.


Material Body

Stainless Steel

Dispenser Tank Volume

1 Liter