Table à Chocs

Table à Chocs


Automatic Jolting Table, 220-240 V 50/60 Hz


Automatic Jolting Table, 110 V 60 Hz

Test method for compaction of cement specimens in prism mould

Table à Chocs

The Automatic Jolting Table is used to compact cement mortar prisms 40x40x160 mm in the three gang mould, as requested by the above specifications. The apparatus, consists of a table holding the mould, seated on a rotating cam driven at 60 revolutions per minute. The jolting group is connected to the table by bayonet joints for quick checking of the weights. The drop height 15,0 mm is adjustable to keep it correct also after intensive uses. The apparatus is supplied with control panel including main switch, automatic digital drop counter, start/stop push buton.

Spécifications Techniques des Table à Chocs


1000x380x420 mm

Weight (approx)

60 kg


500 W

Vidéo et Fiche Technique des Table à Chocs

Table à Chocs M2400
Table à Chocs