Scléromètre type N

Scléromètre type N


Concrete Rebound Hammer (N Type)

Test method for rebound number of hardened concrete

Scléromètre type N

The Concrete Rebound Hammer (Schmidt Hammer) is designed to determine the strength of concrete in finished structures by the method of elastic rebound, the indications are determined with the help of nondestructive testing method. The device is made of aluminum, characterized by simple construction, easy use and maintenance. The advantage is the high accuracy of the test results and the control of the production process at all stages.
Principle of operation: the kick strikes against a hard surface, after which it bounces to a certain height (H) in conventional units of the scale of the device, which is an indirect characteristic of the strength of concrete for compression.
The delivery set includes a calibration table in N / mm² (MPa), an abrasive, a carrying case.

Spécifications Techniques des Scléromètre type N

Impact Energy

2.207J (0.735Nm)

Measured Strength Range

10-70 MPa


Ø85х330 mm


1.4 kg

Vidéo et Fiche Technique des Scléromètre type N

Scléromètre type N C3290
Scléromètre type N