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Scleromètre Modèle L

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L Type Rock Test Hammer


EN 12504-2 | ASTM C805


The L Type Rock Test Hammer is spring drives the flip hammer; the flip hammer knock on the surface of brick through flip rod; the restoring force produced after instant transform makes the hammer rebound back, and the pointer indicates the instance of rebound, which is one of a indicators evaluating brick’s compressive strength and predict the compressive resistance and label of the brick. It is used for testing strength of ordinary bricks with NDE, still for testing strength of light skeletal material concrete and other light materials.
Technical Specifications:
• L type
• Nominal power: 0.735J Strike length of flip hammer: 75±0.3mm
• Friction of pointer slider: 0.5±0.1N Work length of flip tensioned spring: 61.5.0±0.3mm
• Fixed value of steel anvil: 74±2
• Location of flip hammer’s hook release: “100” at the scale mark Sphere semi-diameter at the end of the flip rod: 25±1mm
• Aluminium frame
• Carrying Case made of special leather
• Carborundum stone for abrasive
• Spare Test Spring
• Phillips screwdriver
• Flat screwdriver



330x170x85 mm

Weight (approx)

1,4 kg