Malaxeur à béton

Malaxeur à béton


Concrete Mixer Pan Type, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz


Concrete Mixer Pan Type, 110 V 60 Hz

Mixing of dry and wet materials in the laboratory

Malaxeur à béton

The Concrete Mixer Pan Type is used for efficient mixing dry and wet of concrete materials essential if quality specimens. Machine is manufactured for use in the laboratory environment. Pan type mixers are used for mixing of The mixing pan is tilts 135° for easy emptying after completion of the operation.
The total volume of the pan is 100 liters but the effective capacity of the mixer is 56 liters. The mixer has mixing blades. The blades can be adjusted to suit the different types and volume of materials to be mixed. The Pan type concrete mixer can be moved by rubber wheel. The gearbox is produced as parallel to floor for the motor to protect.

Spécifications Techniques des Malaxeur à béton

Pan Capacity

100 Litres

Effective Mixing Capacity

56 Litres


1000x1100x1200 mm


250 kg


:1500 W

Vidéo et Fiche Technique des Malaxeur à béton

Malaxeur à béton C3500
Malaxeur à béton