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TESTMAK Équipements d'essai de matériel

Machines d'essai à la compression automatiques LS series

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600 kN Automatic Compression Testing Machine, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz


600 kN Automatic Compression Testing Machine, 110 V 60 Hz


1500 kN Automatic Compression Testing Machine, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz


1500 kN Automatic Compression Testing Machine, 110 V 60 Hz


ASTM C39 | EN 12390-3, 12390-4 | BS 1881


The Testmak LS series Low Strength Automatic Compression Testing Machines have been manufactured for consistent testing of concrete cube and cylinder specimens. These machines are produced to capacity range of 600 kN and 1500 kN. Suitable for CE security norms and EN 12390-3, 12390- 4, BS 1881, ASTM C39, AASHTO 22 to standards. These compression test machines are controlled by the "TCM 304" software with computer. Tests can be performed by either on TCM 304 Unit or on a computer with using free software. Can be done tests on computer with using TCM 304 software and such as reporting, graphical output. Low Capacity Automatic Com­pression Testing Machines are supplied in Class 1 starting from 50 kN. Surface hardness 55HRC, flatness tolerance 0.02 mm. Traceable certificate of surface hardness available on request.
Testable Specimens
• Concrete Cubes: 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm concrete cube sample or any other custom cube and prism size can be tested with this machine.
• Concrete Cylinder: 100x200 mm, 150x300 mm, 160x320 mm concrete cylinder samples or any other custom diameters cylinder can be tested with this machine.
Can be done the following tests with this machines;
1- Compression strength tests.
2- Flexural and splitting tests by using proper accessories.
3- Mortar (Cement) compression tests by using proper accessories.
4- Core testing.
LS Automatic Compression Testing Machines supplied complete with following accessories;
1- Spacer Discs;
• Diameter 165 mm x Height 90 mm spacer disc 1 piece
• Diameter 165 mm x Height 50 mm spacer disc 1 piece
• Diameter 165 mm x Height 30 mm spacer disc 2 piece
2- Upper Platen;
• Upper Platen Diameter 165 mm (with ball seating assembly)
3- Lower Platen;
• Lower Platen Diameter 165 mm
4- Piston;
• Piston Diameter 160 mm (For 600 kN Capacity Models)
• Piston Diameter 200 mm (For 1500 kN Capacity Models)
5- Automatic Hydraulic Power Pack ;
• Automatic Hydraulic Power Pack, 410 bar (For All Models)
Safety Features
• Maximum pressure valves to avoid machine overloading
• Piston travel limit switch
• Emergency stop button
• Front and rear transparent durable plexiglas guards
• Software controlled maximum load value
LCD Data Acquisition Control System
The Data Acquisition Control provides real-time graphical indication. Automatically determines the load rate in accordance with the international standards upon sample type. With the STOP and START buttons, the test will automatically stop or start.
LCD Data Acquisition Control System has different units are available (kN / kgf / lbf). Can do Automatic Load Rate upon Sample Type. Total load and also per area are given. and has real time graph indication. Stops Automatically, when Test is completed. Test results can be send printer to with software or from the thermal printer. Can do calibration easily from 5 points. Manual Control is available. Computer and printer are not included in the price.
The tests and calibration can be done and monitored with a computer by connecting it to the machine. LCD Control unit can connecting with RS232 or USB port to the machine. Using the state-of-the-art software provided by TESTMAK with the machine will help performing and managing the tests in a very easy and fast way. By performing the tests via computer, the results can be saved and recalled when required. Reports can be generated automatically by the software and sent to printer.






600 kN

1500 kN

Lower Platens Dim.

165 mm

165 mm

Upper Platens Dim.

165 mm

165 mm

Vertical Clearance

340 mm

370 mm

Horizontal Clearance

230 mm

320 mm

Piston Diameter

160 mm

200 mm

Max. Piston Movement

50 mm

50 mm

Max. Working Pressure

410 Bar

410 Bar

Oil Capacity

18 L

18 L


1100 W

1100 W

Dimensions (wxlxh)

650x500x1250 mm

750x540x1300 mm


510 kg

700 kg