Four à calcination

Four à calcination


Asphalt Content Binder Ignition Furnace - 380 V 50 Hz

Test method for asphalt content of asphalt mixture by ignition method

Four à calcination

The Asphalt Content Binder Ignition Furnace (NCAT) is used to determine the asphalt binder content of hot mix asphalt/bituminous mixtures by the method of loss on ignition. The Asphalt Binder Analyzer is supplied complete with double sample basket with safety cover, extraction fork and 3 meters of metal exhaust pipe.
• High efficiency heating system with afterburner for a total combustion of exhaust fumes to minimize emissions to conform CE Directives.
• Sample size up to 4000 g for more representative test results
• Temperature range is 392 to 1202°F (200 to 650°C).
• Maximum power rating is 3,5 kW
• Supplied complete with 2 sample trays, fork to catch the pan and cooling cage
• 16 bit microprocessor controller.
• CPU card controlling both test data display,temperature, database and internal functions.
• On board 40 column serial printer
• An accurate internal balance monitors weights automatically throughout ignition to within ± 0.1 g.
• PID closed loop thermoregulation for both oven and afterburner
• 240x120 pixel large graphic display
• RS 232 output for PC connection
• Bidirectional real time communication with the weighing system
• Test setting menu for initial weight, weight loss percentage, correction factor.
• Calibration menu to check and set temperature and weight calibration, for possible manual control.
• Test performance menu of all the test data.
• Internal database for up to 100 tests.
• Door safety features, such as a software-activated door lock, an automatic interlock that cuts power when door is open, full 180 degree door opening and door hinge lock eliminate harmful solvents and make operation easy. CE-Approved.
• Automatic monitoring of closed door before test start.

Spécifications Techniques des Four à calcination


600x900x1100 mm

Weight (approx)

110 kg


3500 W

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Four à calcination B1510
Four à calcination