Data Logger

Data Logger


Data Logger - 4 Channel Data Acqusition Unit


Data Logger - 8 Channel Data Acqusition Unit


Data Logger

The Data Loggers are a data acquisition unit which provides the link between software and the transducers connected to the test equipments. Data loggers can be used at triaxial tests and consolidation tests or for general data collecting purposes.
Technical Specifications for 4 and 8 channel Data loggers ;
• High resolution : 16M points (effective 260.000 points)
• Large permanent memory
• Ethernet port for PC connection
• CPU card by microprocessor 32 bit ARM risk architecture
• 10 (sample/sec) / channel
• 24 bit A/D Convertor (260.000 effective divisions),
• Digital gain selection, suitable for potentiometric transducers
• mv/V Sensors (pressure transducers, load cells, linear transducers)
• 4 Mb memory

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Data Logger TMG-0945
Data Logger