Bain Le Chatelier

Bain Le Chatelier


Le Chatelier Water Bath, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz


Le Chatelier Water Bath, 110 V 60 Hz

Test method for determining standard consistence, setting times and soundness of cements

Bain Le Chatelier

The TESTMAK TMM-2600 Le Chatelier Water Bath is used with Le Chatelier moulds for the determination of the soundness of cement paste fly ash for concrete and lime. Le Chatelier Water Bath in stainless steel, contains up to 12 moulds which are maintained at a height of approx 50 mm above water level. A device located beneath the lid prevents condensation from falling onto specimens. Two heating elements, 800 W and 200 W, guarantee that the water reaches boiling point within approx 30 minute. Supplied complete 12 Le Chatelier`s capacity removable rack, Le Chatelier mould ordered separately.

Spécifications Techniques des Bain Le Chatelier


390x180x320 mm

Weight (approx)

7 kg


1250 W

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Bain Le Chatelier M2600
Bain Le Chatelier