Aéromètre à Mortier

Aéromètre à Mortier


Air Entrainment Meter for Mortar

Test method for the chemical analysis and the determination of physical properties of all building limes

Aéromètre à Mortier

The Testmak TMM-2410 model Air Entrainment Meter for Mortar is used for determining the air content of cement paste, cement mortar and lime mortar. The air entrainment meter is manufactured from cast aluminum, the upper part and the lower test pot are held together with an air-tight seal which are easily adjusted by using the two spring clamps. The pressure gauge is installed in the head of the meter and the scale works in the 0-20 volumetric % range. The air is compressed with a hand pump installed in the system and the smart configuration of the test and correction buttons enables fast and simple testing.

Spécifications Techniques des Aéromètre à Mortier


200x200x320 mm

Weight (approx)

3.5 kg

Vidéo et Fiche Technique des Aéromètre à Mortier

Aéromètre à Mortier M2410
Aéromètre à Mortier