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Aparatos de Vicat de Tipo Automático

Código del Producto


Automatic Vicat Apparatus, 220 V 50/60 Hz


Automatic Vicat Apparatus, 110 V 60 Hz


ASTM C187-C191 | EN 196-3 | AASHTO T129-T131 | BS 4550


The TMM-2440 Automatic Vicat Test Apparatus is used to determine the amount of water required to produce a cement paste of standard consistency and the setting time.
The Automatic Vicat Test Apparatus;
• Movements along X Y Z axes
• Up to 30 different test types may be programmed and over 1000 tests may be memorized. PC Port
• Initial and fi nal setting time (in 0.1 mm)
• Automatic cleaning of the needle
• Automatic stop and storage of measurements for up to 50 tests
• Plunger for initial consistency
• Display for data input and diagram/test report
• Printer for final test report and diagram
• RS 232 serial port for PC connection
• Moulds and further needles have to be ordered separately, according to the various standards



355x620x580 mm

Weight (approx)

40 kg