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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Böhme Abrasion Tester

Product Code

AG1160 Böhme Abrasion Tester, 220-240V 50/60Hz
AG1162 Abrasive white corundum sand 80 grade. Pack of 25 kg


EN 1338:2004 | EN 1339 | EN 1340 | EN 13892-3 | EN 14157 | DIN 52108

General Description

Böhme Abrasion Tester is used for determining the abrasion resistance of paving stones, concrete slabs, natural rocks, natural stone slabs. Böhme machine adjustable charger used produce a force of 294N ± 3N on a specimen. The machine is equipped with a display control panel that allows the setting of speed and number of cycles. Once the machine is started, it will automatically stop at the end of the set number of cycles programmed on the controls panel. Abrasive Sand should be ordered separately.
AG1160 Böhme Abrasion Tester is basically composed of:
• A grinding wheel of approx 750 mm diameter, a removable testing weight of 30 kg.
• Clamping device for the sample.
• Display control panel



1400x900x1300 mm

Weight (approx)

320 kg


750 W