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2000 kn compression testing machine with 200 kn flexural frame

Código del Producto

TMC-5236 | Compression testing machine with flexural frame, 2000/200 kN, Astm Standard TMC-3236 | Compression testing machine with flexural frame, 2000/200 kN, EN Standard


ASTM C78 | ASTM C39 | AASHTO T22 | EN 1338, 1339, 1340, 12390-5, 12390-6; BS 1881; ASTM C78, C293, C496


2000 kN Capacity Compression Frame:
Testmak compression testing machines have been manufactured for consistent testing of concrete cube and cylinder specimens. These machines are produced to capacity range of 2000 kN . Suitable for CE security norms and ASTM C39, EN 12390-3, 12390-4, BS 1881, AASHTO 22 to standards.
The suitable vertical clearance for specimen can be adjusted with distance pieces. Testmak all model compression machines calibration values are within class 1 starting from 50 kN.
Surface hardness 55HRC, flatness tolerance 0.02 mm. Traceable certificate of surface hardness available on request. 110 V, 50 Hz models are available. The only difference is the input voltage.

200 kN capacity Flexural Frame:
200 kN capacity flexure frame have been designed for reliable and consist ent testing of fl exural test on standard concrete beams, concrete or natural stone kerbs, concrete paving fl ags, and natural stone slabs and tensile splitting test of concrete paving blocks. The flexure testing frame is the result of con tinuous research to upgrade the testing machines with latest technologies to conform to the latest standards EN 12390-5, EN 12390- 6, EN 1338, EN 1340, BS 1881, ASTM C78, C293 and C496 in terms of its technical properties taking into account client requirements. These also meet the requirements of CE norms for health and safety of the operator.

Automatic Control Unit
The automatic hyraulic power pack is have control valve. Automatic hyraulic power pack is can do control the two frames with this control valve. Tests can be performed by either on TMC304 Unit or on a computer with using free software. The advantages of performing tests on computer with using software, such as reporting, graphical output, etc. Setting test parameters, including pace rate only required when the specimen type is changed. Pressing the START button on the control unit.
The machine automatically starts the rapid approach; switches the test speed after 1% of the load capacity of the machine and stops once the specimen failure. Automatically saves the test parameters and test results.
The Testmak range of Flexural Machines have the accuracy of Class 1 start ing from 2% of the full capacity. Flextural test assemblies should be ordered seperately.


compression testing machines with flexural frame