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Penetrómetro de Cono Semi Automática

Código del Producto


Semi-Automatic Liquid Limit Cone Penetrometer, 220-240 V 50/60 Hz


Semi-Automatic Liquid Limit Cone Penetrometer,
110 V 60 Hz


CEN ISO | TS 17892-12 | BS 1377:2 | NF P94-052-1


The TMS-4240 Semi-Automatic Liquid Limit Cone Penetrometer is based on the relationship between the moisture content at which clay soils pass from a plastic to a liquid state. The Soil Penetrometer is consists of steel base, leveling screws, digital penetration measurement gauge 0,01 mm precision, release button, automatic zeroing and spirit level. TMS-4240 is supplied complete with automatic timer unit. Penetration timer unit is used to release the plunger fitted with the needle to start the 5 seconds test.
Semi-Automatic Liquid Limit Penetrometer supplied complete with;
• Timer Unit,
• 30° Penetration Cone
• Sample Cups, 3 pcs. Aluminium, Ø55 mm x h:35 mm.



220x300x410 mm

Weight (approx)

15 kg