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Testmak Material Testing Equipment


Calibration is the process of measuring, determining and reporting the accuracy of a reference measurement standard whose accuracy is known under certain conditions, or of another standard or test / measurement instrument that is sought to be accurate using the measurement system.

Calibration is the process of establishing a connection between the actual value of the measured magnitude and the result of the measuring instrument. During the calibration process; the deviations of the test / measuring instruments or devices used in production are determined and the errors are corrected. Thus, the quality and safety of the measurement and the production are ensured since the accuracy and quality of all the devices in the measuring chain are approved.


- The accuracy of all measurements made on the company is guaranteed.
- Production quality is increased to the desired level.
- Differences that may arise in production stages are eliminated.
- It is ensured that the products are compatible with the products of other companies.
- Competition improves.
- Compatible with advanced technology.
- The conformity of the produced product to international standards is ensured.
- It is prevented to provide unfair profit to the customer or unfair benefit to the customer.
- All people can make their purchases in peace of mind.


TESTMAK products calibrations are carried out by a laboratory accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK), and their products are sent along with the calibration certificate.