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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Semi-Automatic Digital Bitumen Penetrometer

Product Code

B1530 Semi-Automatic Digital Bitumen Penetrometer, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
B1530/110 Semi-Automatic Digital Bitumen Penetrometer, 110 V 60 Hz
B1525/01 Penetration Needle, 2,5 g
B1525/02 Transfer Dish, Dia 100x100(h) mm
B1525/03 Sample Cup, Ø 55x35 mm, Stainless steel
B1525/04 Sample Cup, Ø 70x45 mm, Stainless steel


ASTM D5 | EN 1426 | AASHTO T49

General Description

The Semi-Automatic Digital Bitumen Penetrometer is used to determine the penetration of bituminous samples under constant load, time and temperature. The bitumen penetrometer is consists of steel base, leveling screws, digital penetration measurement gauge 0.01 mm precision, release button, automatic zeroing and spirit level. Bitum Penetrometer is supplied with semi automatic timer unit. Penetration timer unit is used to release the plunger fitted with the needle to start the 5 seconds test. Thermometers required for the test should be ordered separately.
The Semi-Automatic Digital Penetrometer is supplied with;
• Penetration Needle, 2,5g, 1 piece
• Transfer Dish
• Sample Cup Ø 55x35 mm, 6 pieces, stainless steel



200x300x480 mm

Weight (approx)

15 kg