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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Control Unit for Compression Machines

Product Code

C3050 TCM Graphic Display Data Acquisition and Control Unit



General Description

The TCM304 LCD Graphic Display is controlled from the front panel, consisting of 240x120 pixels with a high resolution of 65,000 pixels effective resolution of the LCD display and function keys. Two analog channels for the load cell and two digital channels for there is a displacement sensor.
The TCM LCD graphic display is controlled using the function keys on the front panel. Two analog channels for the load cell and two digital channels for there is a displacement sensor. Simultaneous load mapping of specific operating conditions, actual load speed and load / time schedule; USB connection to PC; Multi calibration coefficient.
Data collection and PC software
The testing software compression machine is designed for both ASTM, EN and BS STANDARTS compression testing. This software includes controlling the machine, collecting load data and moving, saving them and reports. The compression test of the software samples takes the diameter and height as the input parameter. It automatically calculates the correction factor, coming with respect for the sample size standards. Graphical results and reports can be saved as a MS Excel sheet.
• Automatic flow calculation and stability of values.
• 240x120 pixels blue-white graphic LCD.
• High resolution 65,000 dot.
• Backlight function.
• 21 touch keys membrane keyboard.
• Two analog and two digital channels, use for a dynamometer or pressure sensor, etc.
• Standalone fully automatic testing capability.
• You can do manual tests, if required.
• The type of sample and measurement can be entered respect for Standart.
• Load times, time stretches, test results and reports Examples of observed and printed.
• One USB port for connecting either a PC or a printer for data transmissions.
• Supplied with connection cable and software.
• Large permanent memory up to 256 test results.
• Language selection, English and Turkish.



150x200x200 mm

Weight (approx)

1 kg