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Testmak Material Testing Equipment

Compression machine 3000 kn, to test cylinder and cube, en, four column

Product Code

TMC-3228 | Compression machine 3000 kn, Four column frame, EN Standards


EN 12390-3, 12390-4 | BS 1881

General Description

Compression machine 3000 kn

Testmak high capacity automatic compression testing machines have been manufactured for consistent testing of concrete cube and cylinder specimens. These machines are produced to capacity range of 3000 kN . Suitable for CE security norms and and EN 12390-3, 12390-4, BS 1881 to standards.
The classification of concrete samples, performed according to characteristic and compressive strength specifications of concrete samples. These characteristic and compressive strength specifications are determined with to the done tests results with concrete compression machine.
First, concrete compression machine should be carried calibration according to the relevant standards in order to make reliable measurements. If Calibration values to be within class1, compression machine is enables a more reliable test results.
Can find below the Testmak concrete compression machine models and technical specifications for the sample specification.
The compression test machine can controlled by the "TCM304" digital readout unit or with computer software. Test results, reporting and graphical print can be done with TCM304 software from computer. Testmak compression machine heavy duty welded and four column frame are produced two model as.
The suitable vertical clearance for specimen can be adjusted with distance pieces. Testmak all model compression machines calibration values are within class 1 starting from 50 kN. Surface hardness 55HRC, flatness tolerance 0.02 mm.
Can be done the following tests with this machines;
1- Compression strength tests.
2- Flexural and splitting tests by using proper accessories.
3- Mortar (Cement) compression tests by using proper accessories.
4- Core testing.
TMC-3228 Compression machine 3000 kn, to test cylinder and cube, Four column, EN is supplied complete with;
• TMC-3209 Four Column EN Frame
• TMC-3217-01 Ø205x30 mm Distance piece 1 pcs.
• TMC-3217-02 Ø205x50 mm Distance piece 1 pcs
• TMC-3217-03 Ø205x90 mm Distance piece 1 pcs,
• TMC-3213-01 Upper Platen Ø300 mm (with ball seating assembly)
• TMC-3213-02 Lower Platen Ø300 mm.
• TMC-3218-05 Piston Ø300 mm for TMC-3228,
• TMC-3210 Automatic Hydraulic Power Pack


Compression Testing Machines 3000 kn, Four Column, EN


: TMC-3228


: 3000 kN


: EN

Lower Platens Dim.

: Ø300 mm

Upper Platens Dim.

: Ø300 mm

Vertical Clearance

: 340 mm

Horizontal Clearance

: 425 mm

Piston Diameter

: 300 mm

Max. Piston Movement

: 50 mm

Max. Working Pressure

: 600 Bar

Oil Capacity

: 18 L


: 750 W

Dimensions (wxlxh)

: 980x680x1500 мм


: 1100 kg